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At Noveo Finance we place our skills at the service of businesses to assist them in dealing
with treasury management and financing issues, with targeted expertise in financial risk management.

Our involvement in numerous structured financing transactions has enabled us to develop unique skills and thus to propose a tailored financial risk management consultancy offering.

We also propose an innovative valuation offering with dashboards, back-testing and specific scenario analyses to establish dynamic risk management.

The added value of our services is based not only on our technical expertise, but also on our bespoke consultancy approach and our flexibility, which ensure efficient and effective collaboration.

Are you facing a market risk? At Noveo Finance we can help you establish and implement a policy to manage your interest, foreign exchange or commodity risk.

We adopt a rigorous approach in which appropriate importance is accorded to each step to ensure your objectives and constraints are fully taken into account.

The complexity of structured financing (leverage finance, project finance, private placements, securitisations) places significant constraints on risk management. 


Our long experience of such transactions has given us an extensive understanding of the specific issues encountered by clients. This means we can contribute at each stage of the deal, including the legal and accounting aspects.


Valuing your positions and receiving high-quality reports are major challenges to which Noveo Finance can provide an effective solution.

In addition to traditional valuation offerings, we also offer dashboards, comparative analyses and back-testing to enable decision-makers to manage their exposure dynamically.

We provide training focused on sharing experiences to help you become independent.

Whether you require a specific consultancy mission, ongoing support or simply need to temporarily strengthen your team, Noveo Finance will work with you according to the methods that best suit you.

Our remuneration is flexible and is based on an hourly or lump-sum rate with the reassurance provided by a transparent contract.

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