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Comprehensive risk management approach

Financial risk management is complex and sometimes far removed from your core business, yet done well it can be a real asset.

The experience we have acquired in many different contexts enables us to provide you with a high-quality service.


With our rigorous methodology and deep technical skills, we can provide you with advice tailored to your circumstances at each step in the financial risk management cycle.


From analysis to valuation, find out about our comprehensive approach.


This phase provides the basis for a tailored recommendation, since it aims to identify the risks and measure their impacts on your business as well as to identify the specific objectives and constraints of your project. 

Particular attention is paid to: 

  • Identifying, mapping and quantifying the financial risks

  • Studying your existing portfolios of instruments

  • Defining your objectives and your constraints

  • Assessing your tolerance thresholds to market changes

  • Determining the legal and operational environment within which your company acts


   Analysis of opportunities to incorporate the offshore Renminbi in treasury management

   Analysis of opportunities to reduce the cost of debt

   Assistance in negotiating FBF or ISDA master agreements

   Putting in place a counterparty risk management strategy

   Support in improving and transforming existing risk management systems


   EMIR compliance

   Coordination of a pool of hedging banks and syndication of swaps

   Restructuring of complex products

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